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1998 National Australian Privacy Regulations
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A System restore point is made of the before any operation providing Windows Operating Systems security.

A small free diagnosis time session of a few minutes will take place before the timer is set in place.

Some programs may have to be installed to a separate folder on the computer due to complexity of running programs.
Once a procedure has taken place then the installed programs will be un-installed and deleted.

Some operations may only require a standalone portable program that runs by itself thus no instillation is required.

Depending on the operation and the size of the program that may need transferring across to the clients computer may require that the file be transferred back to the technicians computer for the operation to take place.  Once that has been executed the file is then automatically restored back to the Clients computer with the operation completed.  The file that is transferred is strictly confidential respecting clients privacy and laws.

At the end of a session, if required an invoice will be sent via email to the client.

No responsibility is taken, where the computer is still in good running order after the operation. Thus after the session something goes wrong with your computer which has no connection to the procedure that has taken place where the session is not responsible for anything else that goes wrong and no responsibility is taken.

All operations are strictly private and confidential.

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