Computer Distance Assistance

Remote Support
Windows Based - Australian Owned

Amber McLean, SA:
"Thanks to Jason Beard, business owner of Computer Distance Assistance for helping me recover my music files from my computer. Jason was available immediately upon logging a query on the website, he was helpful and provided me with exceptional service. Could not have done it without his skills and expertise and patience!".

Tracey Furnell, NSW:
" Wow, thank you so much Jase for those video training packages.  If it wasn't for those i guess i would be back at the shop waisting my money, now I'm my own PC Doctor, thanks ya heaps Mr Beardy".

Ged Beckton, Victoria:
" Thank you kindly for your services in creating my Business card, looks great"

Hydra Holiday Units, Karen Hopkins, NSW:
"That is most probably one of the best web sites I've ever seen, I love it, thank you for making this for Hydra"

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